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Challenges in your finances, accounting, and tax don't just suddenly appear. In our experience they are often the result of certain key events - and these can build and snowball until the resulting issues feel like far more than you can possibly deal with. If you catch them early, you'll avoid a great deal of pain and trouble. So if even one of these triggers applies to you right now, talk to us today about the effect it could have on your finances, and how we can help. You will be extremely grateful that you did.


Illness, burnout, exhaustion, fatigue, stress, worry


You've received an offer to sell, or are curious as to the value of your business


Disability, divorce, pressure, and more


Challenges with your current business partner, or interest in taking on a new one


Making lots of money, not making much, or being unsure of what to do


Interested in selling? Received an offer to sell? Lack of heir apparent?


Lack of heir apparent, or challenges within a family owned business


Needing to retire, or beginning to consider this as an option

Health Issues

Until it lets you down, your body and your health are there to serve you and the business, and your needs. But when you have a slight concern, a small issue, or perhaps even a greater issue, what happens? What is your response? Is there a small alarm that goes off in your mind? Do you begin to wonder, “What would happen if…?”, in relation to your health?

Asking, and answering, those questions is something you as the business owner cannot be afraid of. We know that we’re not invincible….and yet our actions can tell a different story. If you’ve had a slight health issue of any kind, talk to us about how this trigger event could impact your business – so that it doesn’t impact it negatively.

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Business Value

Determining the value of your business is a critical question, and one that must be asked by all business owners. But for some business owners, your identity is so tied to the business that when you think “business valuation”, what you hear is, “You’re kicking me out!”

The question of who you are – with or without your business – is a valuable one and worth asking. And it’s time to address it – whether it’s part of a formal business valuation process, a vague question that piques your interest, or whether you yet have many years of great business success ahead of you.

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Family Issues

As a family-owned business ourselves, we at Whittaker understand the impact that family issues can have on the success of your business.

Owning your own business is a challenge and a complex role for anyone. Being part of a family has its own issues and concerns. When the two are brought together, your role as the owner of a family business can be grievously complicated.

The solution is to focus on a professional management approach. To look, as dispassionately as possible, on the issues affecting the smooth operations of your family owned business – without losing the love of family and the reason you went into business in the first place.

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Business Partner

Every business has shareholders, stakeholders, and business partners – those who are involved in the business with an influence on decisions made.  But when issues with a close business partner arise – or even more worryingly, continue to arise time after time – it is critical to review your business situation.

You may be committed to the business relationship and want to explore ways and means of assuring it continues. Or you might feel concerned about divergence of opinion and focus, and would value an objective input as to the effect this relationship can have – or is having – on the results and profits of your business. Perhaps you know it’s time for a change, but you need advice so the process will go smoothly.

Talk to us about the situation with your business partner. You will both be glad that you did.

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Money Issues

Not having enough money may be a problem for many – but having too much money can also be an issue for some business owners. On whichever end of the scale you find yourself, this trigger means it may be time to evaluate your personal or business finances with a view to the future.

When addressed appropriately, money will cease to be an issue, and will be a means of moving to where you want to be – both personally and professionally.

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Business Sale

Interested in selling your business? Just curious as to what level of offer you might receive for your business, were you to sell? Have an offer, but not able to make progress with it due to internal management issues?

All of these and more can be dealt with by the expert team at Whittaker. We’ve worked with many businesses like yours and will help you review and evaluate your business sale situation, and make the decision that is right for you.


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Heir Issues

Handing down your business to a son or daughter, or someone else in the family, can often be the dream for owners of family businesses. But what happens if this isn’t an option? Or if there are challenges causing you concern, and resulting in your wondering whether this is the best way forward for the business you have put so much of yourself into over the years?

Talk to the experts at Whittaker to get an objective input, and to help you view this more dispassionately, so that you can make successful and profitable decisions for your family owned business – while continuing to maintain a healthy relationship with the family members involved in it. You can rest assured we keep everything in confidence.

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Retirement Issues

There are many buzzwords in relation to retirement. From ‘exit planning’ to ‘value enhancement’, as a business owner you can feel as though you’re being pressured into retirement before you’re ready. Most business owners aren’t in a hurry to retire. You love what you do, and you’re good at it.

But as a savvy business owner you are also alert to the fact that at some point retirement could be an issue. Whether it’s something that is on your mind now, or you are merely beginning to consider this as an option, it’s not possible for you to explore this too early.

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Deep Dive
Deep Dive

A comprehensive, in-person meeting diving into your business, so the rest of the process is tailored to you.

Most discovery meetings last 1-2 hours.

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Crunching the Numbers
Crunching the Numbers

We’ll do a review of your tax returns, financial statements, and benchmarking for your industry.

This is complimentary, even if you decide not to work with us.

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Based on our understanding of your business and key numbers, we’ll send a specific proposal.

We’ll review this in person so you can ask any questions you want.

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Accounts Transfer
Accounts Transfer

If you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll take care of the transfer from your existing accountants, with a minimum of effort from you.

Start your new accountant relationship without fuss.

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