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Advisor Resource Center


We have put together this center exclusively for advisors to find the latest tax, accounting and advisory resources on topics that come up frequently with clients. We encourage you to download these materials for your own use with clients and to also forward to them.

We are constantly adding new information, so please check back often!

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)


The Alternative Minimum Tax (otherwise known as AMT) is a tax system separate from the regular tax.

The following video, whitepaper and calculation chart explain how AMT works.


Video – How AMT Works

Whitepapers (click each title to view and download PDF)


  • AMT Excel Calculation

Section 179 & Bonus Depreciation


With the passing of the PATH Act in 2015, Section 179 was permanently extended, and Bonus Depreciation (otherwise known as Section 197) was extended through 2019.


Video – How Section 179 & Bonus Depreciation work


Whitepapers (click each title to view and download PDF)

Accounting For Leases


Lease accounting is something that surfaces with many businesses. GAAP requires leases to be classified as either a capital lease or operating lease.


Video – Accounting For Leases: The Difference Between Capital and Operating Leases


Whitepapers (click each title to view and download PDF)

Financial Statement Services Defined


Many businesses have their CPA prepare their financial statements. What are the difference between the four levels of service that a CPA can provide with respect to their financial statements?


Video – Financial Statement Services Defined: The Difference Between Audit, Review, Compilation & Financial Statement Preparation

Whitepapers (click each title to view and download PDF)