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For this business, the powerful results of seeing profits go from $500k to $6.7 in a period of 18 months were primarily the result of implementing a financial dashboard, and holding monthly meetings.

It sounds simple, but these two solutions are based on what we know works for businesses of this type. First, it’s critical for you as the business owner to have full visibility on the financial results of your day to day business decisions. Second, we know that it’s not your accountants who are the ones to make changes in the business: that’s your role, and you do it very well. What we do – and what we did for this company – is to provide the dashboards, graphs, numbers, and indicators, and then help to interpret what these mean, enabling you the owner to make better decisions.

For this business, we didn’t save the day, but we enabled the owner to do that. We’ll help you uncover what you need to do, and then the actions you take will have powerful results similar to this company.


Tax returns, financial statements, IRS communications and similar items are vital to address and process, but they should not be the focal point. Think of these as tasks to get to the real work, which is providing you the information you need and an interchange of ideas to move you forward. The goal is to help you implement your strategies and vision. This is what we do!