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I joined Whittaker & Company in January 2018.

I am best at doing research and organizing data. I like to explain and simplify technical accounting terms to non-accountants. It is rewarding for me to see how my role here at Whittaker & Co. adds value to a client’s business and helps them in achieving their goals.

I love to travel! I did a 10-country backpacking trip across Europe couple years back which was a life-changing experience for me. And recently I spent my Christmas and New Years’ in Australia and New Zealand.

Goal: To run a marathon one day

Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby

What are you most passionate about?: Learning and solving problems


Tax returns, financial statements, IRS communications and similar items are vital to address and process, but they should not be the focal point. Think of these as tasks to get to the real work, which is providing you the information you need and an interchange of ideas to move you forward. The goal is to help you implement your strategies and vision. This is what we do!