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Determining the value of your business is a critical question, and one that must be asked by all business owners. But for some business owners, your identity is so tied to the business that when you think “business valuation”, what you hear is, “You’re kicking me out!”

The question of who you are – with or without your business – is a valuable one and worth asking. And it’s time to address it – whether it’s part of a formal business valuation process, a vague question that piques your interest, or whether you yet have many years of great business success ahead of you.


Tax returns, financial statements, IRS communications and similar items are vital to address and process, but they should not be the focal point. Think of these as tasks to get to the real work, which is providing you the information you need and an interchange of ideas to move you forward. The goal is to help you implement your strategies and vision. This is what we do!