We believe community builds a thriving business

We are your sounding board for decisions.

Running a business like yours means you have to be all in

It started as a seed and it has grown into something big. You’ve outgrown transactional relationships with accountants. There’s little to no help beyond your tax return; your goals and your future deserve more attention.

Imagine you’re able to set and achieve goals with accountability from your accounting team

We help you navigate the day to day decisions considering the impact on your family’s future.

  • You’re confident that you have the right structure and tools in place to minimize taxes.
  • You have clarity about where you stand financially.
  • You’re using your numbers to get from where you are to where you want to be.
  • You’re able to look at your business holistically and see where improvements can be made.
  • You can confidently share your numbers with your team so everyone is able to thrive with an owner-mindset.

Sound good? You’re in the right place.


We speak English, not Accounting.

You want a partner. Someone to tell you what to do, not confuse you with jargon. We meet you where you are, and translate the numbers into practical steps you can take in your business.

There’s a growth mindset
across the whole team

We place importance on continuous learning and development for the Whittaker team, so you get collaborative support beyond the partner level. Our team can speak to strategy within your business.

Your tax and accounting
people work together

You don’t have to try and coordinate two separate teams. The money you save in tax contributes to your business goals. Saving you tax relies on good accounting. We’re all aligned to the same North Star.

Our values

The business owners we’re best placed to support share these values.


We leverage tech as much as we can. We have our eyes toward the future and we’re always trying new things. We help our clients learn and use the best available tools out there.


We believe in being authentic in our relationships. Being reliable and responsible. Having open communication even when it’s hard. Doing the right thing.


What is an accounting firm without quality? Our focus is on preventing problems before they start.


We are nothing without our team. We delegate to the best of people’s abilities and have mutual respect for each other and our roles. Everyone has a voice.


We’re team first – people over numbers. We’re a corporate community, looking out for each other and helping each other face our fears and grow.

Meet the Whittaker Team


Dan Whittaker

CPA, Managing Partner


Shelly Whittaker

CPA, CGMA – Partner


Brandon Jackson

CPA, Tax Manager


Nico Virtudazo

Accounting Manager


Priyank Shukla

CPA, Senior Accountant


Blanca Pelayo

Senior Accountant


Susan Kienitz

Client Service Co-ordinator


Alyse Hendrick

Administrative Assistant


Relsyz Orozco

Tax Staff Accountant


Reina Corpuz

Tax Staff Accountant


Andi Cabanezas

Technology Administrator


Hasmin Joy Sanchez

Tax Staff Accountant


Justin Whittaker

Marketing Specialist

Understand how goal-centered accounting and tax planning works

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