Keep more of your wealth with advanced tax strategies

ProActive Tax Planning for larger family-owned businesses wanting to reduce their tax burden

You deserve to pay the least amount of tax

You’re looking around wondering how other businesses are very profitable without losing a ton of money to taxes. If you think you’re paying too much tax, you’re probably correct.

Advanced tax planning requires expert help

You’d like to know the ‘secrets’ of tax planning strategy. The thing is, there are thousands of pages of tax code. It’s complicated, and without expert help you could get into gray areas and find yourself in illegal territory.

You need someone who knows tax strategy to do the groundwork and make sense of it for you, so you can hold on to more of your hard earned money.

We look at more than 80 strategies and choose the ones that will fit you best

We provide a one-off service for new and existing clients who desire comprehensive multi-year planning to really drive down their tax bill. Here’s how the process will look once you sign your quote.

You fill in a ten-page questionnaire.

You’ll want to spend a good amount of time on this and be as detailed as possible. The accuracy of this form determines the effectiveness of the rest of our work.

Obstacles meeting.

We’ll present you with our top strategies we think will work based on your questionnaire. We’ll educate you regarding the strategies we’ve chosen, and you’ll let us know if there are any obstacles that we aren’t aware of.

Deliverable Meeting

We’ll provide you a detailed report with the tax strategies we’ve chosen and how each individual tax strategy will affect your over all tax bill, as well as how they will affect your liability once layered.

Implementation Meeting.

You’ll decide how many and which strategies you want to implement. If applicable, we can provide you help with implementation, and we’ll supply a quote for this.

Here’s how we get started:

If we can’t save you five times what you will pay for ProActive Tax Planning within the first two years – we won’t do it.

You don’t need to be a client to get a quote.

Fill in a short questionnaire to tell us about your business and circumstances – it’ll take you 5-7 minutes.
You provide a copy of the last two tax returns and the current year financial statements.
We’ll have a 30 minute Discovery meeting where we’ll get to know each other a little.
We’ll send a quote for ProActive Tax Planning.

You’ll get a quote for exactly how many meetings you’ll need and how much it will cost to complete ProActive Tax Planning. The cost and time it takes depends on your business and circumstances. We are upfront and honest with you about the return on your investment.

Start by seeing what you could be saving

Fill out the questionnaire to begin the process.