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Welcome to Whittaker!

We’re so pleased you’ve chosen to work with us. You’re one step closer to getting where you want to be with your business, and we’re excited to be the team supporting you.

You’ve signed your quote, what happens next?

Week 1

  • Learning starts from day 1 – put aside an hour to learn how to read your financial statements
  • Look out for a welcome gift in the mail!
  • We’ll send an invite to get you set up on Karbon, here’s a video showing you how the setup works. This is where you’ll provide us with all the key information we need to get you set up.
  • We’ll have a kickoff meeting to get you up to speed with how the next 6 months will go. Book your kickoff meeting here.

You can expect Whittaker values all through the process


We leverage tech as much as we can. We have our eyes toward the future and we’re always trying new things. We help our clients learn and use the best available tools out there.


We believe in being authentic in our relationships. Being reliable and responsible. Having open communication even when it’s hard. Doing the right thing.


What is an accounting firm without quality? Our focus is on preventing problems before they start.


We are nothing without our team. We delegate to the best of people’s abilities and have mutual respect for each other and our roles. Everyone has a voice.


We’re team first – people over numbers. We’re a corporate community, looking out for each other and helping each other face our fears and grow.

Grow in your knowledge from day one

While we’re getting you set up on our systems, you can take the first steps towards improving your business. Learn how to read and understand the financial statements you’ll be receiving each month.