Includes primarily accounting duties with a lot of room to grow.

Responsibilities of the position include:

After the fact write-up services

  • This is a critical part of the position. Our clients are successful closely held family businesses.  In many cases they have some level of accounting personnel on their internal teams.  However, they require our assistance on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to close their books, perform reconciliations and make adjustments that are beyond the scope of their skills.

Assisting our team with audit and tax engagements

  • Preparation of tax and financial statement workpapers, including trial balances, depreciation schedules and debt amortization schedules.

Tax engagements

  • Preparation of basic tax returns and, on more complex tax engagements, accumulate data for tax return preparation.
  • Preparation of sales tax a property tax returns.

Working with the following software applications:

  • Quickbooks, MAS90
  • Excel, Word
  • CS Suite of products including UltraTax, Trial Balance, Engagement, FileCabinet, Fixed Assets and Practice

Ideal Candidate

  • Have a college undergraduate degree and have completed at least 30 hours in college-level accounting courses.  It is preferable to have 1-3 years of experience in public accounting.
  • Great communication skills in person, on the phone, and in writing.
  • Competency in Microsoft Office Suite.

Send your resume to: hi****@wh*************.com

6 Reasons to Join Whittaker

1.      Quality of Life

  • It is possible to have a successful career in public accounting without working impossible hours. Our team members typically work 40 hours per week most of the year and sometimes a bit more during our busier season. And, you aren’t required to work weekends during busy season. We have every other Friday off in the months of May through December (9 day/80 work schedule).

2.       Flexible Work Schedule

  • Our Results Only Work Environment makes it possible to actually have a life outside of work. Whittaker’s cloud-based environment allows you the flexibility in your schedule to meet your deadlines and promised deliverables. Whenever possible, we’ll work around your family and personal life, because we trust you to get your work done.

3.      Our People & Culture

  • We are a close-knit group of individuals with a variety of interests and talents who have chosen to work in the accounting profession to make a difference in our clients’ lives. We’re animal lovers, sports enthusiasts, foodies, micro brewers, and music fans that also happen to be accountants. We realize there is more to you than being an accountant, and we have a mutual respect for everyone as an individual and everything you bring to our team. Whittaker is a professional – not corporate – environment, so there’s lots of collaborating and no bureaucracy.

4.      Mentorship & Career Development

  • We are passionate about helping you develop your career because we realize that you are the future. You decide where you want to go, and we will create a clear path to get you there. Our partners and managers will work closely with you to mentor you and provide the training and guidance you need to take your career wherever you want it to go.

5.      Variety of Work

  • You’ll have the opportunity to work on tax, accounting, financial reporting, and advisory solutions for our clients. By getting to do different things on a daily basis, you’ll learn and grow at a quicker pace and become a well-rounded accounting professional.

6.      Client-facing Work

  • Our clients are business owners and their management & accounting teams.  All Whittaker team members work closely with them to help solve problems and plan for the future, and so will you.

Send your resume to: hi****@wh*************.com