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What are Travel Tax Deductions?


As a business owner, travel can be a significant part of your operations. Whether you’re meeting with clients, attending conferences, or scouting new locations, travel expenses can quickly add up. Fortunately, the IRS allows you to deduct many of these expenses, which can help reduce your taxable income. Understanding these deductions and how to properly

How can a Virtual CFO Optimize my Cash Flow?

Cash Flow, Virtual CFO

Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting It’s no secret that running a business can be challenging at times. This includes trying to understand and better your cash flow especially if your business doesn’t have a controller or CFO. An outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective, providing the strategic

The Best KPIs for Manufacturing Businesses to Increase Profit


Staying ahead necessitates not only efficient operations but also a keen eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) that directly impact profitability. For manufacturing companies, understanding and leveraging these metrics can significantly contribute to the bottom line. Let’s delve into the top seven KPIs that manufacturing businesses should prioritize to drive profit growth. KPIs are important

How to Increase the Efficiency of my Manufacturing Operations

Streamlining your operations has become more important than ever in the industrial landscape. Whether you are in manufacturing, distribution, or tech, operational excellence is crucial. Staying ahead of the curve means constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall performance. There are four pivotal strategies that can elevate the effectiveness of your

4 Ways to Increase the Amount of Manufacturing Customers


For manufacturing, distributing, or high-tech companies looking to increase their customer base, adopting a multifaceted strategy that leverages both traditional and innovative methods can be highly effective. Here are four strategies that such companies can employ: Innovate and Diversify Product Offerings Innovation: Continuously improve and innovate products to meet emerging market needs or to create

Who can be owners of an S-Corp? Why does this matter?

Who Can Be an Owner? An S-Corporation (S-Corp) is a type of business entity in the United States that offers certain tax benefits, like a partnership or LLC, while maintaining some of the limited liability features of a traditional corporation (C-Corp). However, S-Corps have specific ownership requirements to maintain their favorable tax treatment. Individuals: Generally,

Cash Cycle Vs. Operating Cycle

Intro Financial metrics are very important when it comes to analyzing how efficient your business is. Both cash cycle and operating cycle are a great way to measure your businesses financials. Often people think they are the same thing. While they are very similar, they have small differences that make them each very useful. What

What to do When a Family Member or Business Owner Dies

Dealing with the loss of a loved one or a business owner can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. While you may be struggling to come to terms with your loss, there are several important steps to ensure that the necessary financial arrangements are made. Some of these steps need to be done right away

Internal Vs. External Accounting

A Question we often get asked is whether a business should hire an in house accounting team or outsource their accounting work. This can vary depending on the business but there are pros and cons to each option. Outsourcing With some of our clients, we see the business owners are primarily responsible for their accounting