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Should You Buy Or Lease A Car?

Overview     One of the biggest decisions that entrepreneurs and business owners must make is whether to buy or lease a car. Both options have their pros and cons. The decision comes down to several factors, including the business’s financial situation, the intended use of the vehicle, and the tax implications.  Buying    

California Storm Victims Tax Update

Tax Relief Information               As a result of the recent storms in California, the governor declared a state of emergency in many counties affected by the storms. This declaration extended tax payment and tax return filing deadlines to May 15th, 2023, as discussed below. We are notifying you of this recent

Should I Have an HSA Account?

What is an HSA?       Health Savings Accounts, or HSA’s, are essentially personal bank accounts that can be used for medical expenses. Contributions are made tax free as well as withdrawals when they are made for qualified health expenses. People tend to use these accounts alongside their retirement plans to reduce their taxable income.

What is Cost Segregation?

What is Cost Segregation?            Cost Segregation is a tax deferral strategy for commercial real estate owners. It allows them to utilize accelerated depreciation deductions to create more cash flow. The aim of a cost segregation study is to identify the personal property components of a building that can be depreciated and