Your financial statements to reach your business goals

Know how your business is performing

Welcome to your financial statements course, where you’ll identify and understand the key metrics on each of your financial statements, and practice applying the information.

Your first session is on the balance sheet.

Your next session will cover the income statement.

Your last session covers the cash flow statement.


If you’ve finished watching the videos, you’re ready to schedule your strategy session. Choose a meeting time that works for you and we’ll look forward to diving in with you.

Where do you go next? Identify your KPI’s.

If you don’t have your KPI’s identified, you could be missing $250,000 per year because of

  • Inefficiencies
  • Lack of driving the right sales

Understanding your KPI’s leads to:

  • Increase in sales by 5%
  • Increase in productivity by 2% of revenue

The KPIs course includes 11 videos and then a strategy call with the Whittaker team. These videos will help you answer questions like:

  • What does my pipeline look like?
  • How long is it from order to cash received?
  • What is my cycle of business?

You’ll learn how to measure these areas so that you have actionable information and know what levers you need to pull to improve your efficiency and increase revenue.

Check out the first video of this course for free: