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Each session below will teach you how to read and interpret your financial statements to make better business decisions. Watch each 6-10 minute session in the order displayed below to unlock key information about the video that follows

Your first session is on the balance sheet.

Your next session will cover the income statement.

Your last session covers the cash flow statement.

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As part of the Financial Statements Course you get a 1:1 strategy session with our founder, Dan Whittaker. This is an hour long meeting, designed to provid you with personalized evaluation of your key financial statements. Click the link below to choose a meeting time that works for you.

Where do you go next?

Now you have visibility on your cash flow, how do you improve it?

To make improvements to the numbers you see on your financial statements, you need to know the key performance indicators to measure in your business cycle.

A Key Performance Indicator, often referred to as a KPI, is a quantifiable metric that helps a business gauge their progress toward achieving strategic goals and objectives. KPIs serve as tangible measurements of success, allowing organizations to track and assess their performance over time. These metrics can vary widely depending on the nature of the business and its goals, ranging from financial targets to operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and more.

Once you know how long it takes to convert a prospect to a sale, a sale to cash, cash to profit, and profit to shareholder returns, you can start to make improvements in every step in your business cycle.

Just by understanding their KPIs, we’ve seen our clients:

  • Increase sales by 20% or more
  • Double their profit

The KPIs course is made up of 6 video sessions designed to help you:

  • Unlock revenue-boosting improvements you can action in your business right away
  • Gain insight into your performance and spot trends that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Know the key numbers to prioritize so you’re not tracking everything and applying nothing
  • Set strategic KPIs that link to your business goals and needs
  • Become an enlightened business owner, running your business on data rather than feelings

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