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Internal Vs. External Accounting

A Question we often get asked is whether a business should hire an in house accounting team or outsource their accounting work. This can vary depending on the business but there are pros and cons to each option. Outsourcing With some of our clients, we see the business owners are primarily responsible for their accounting

California Storm Victims Tax Update

Tax Relief Information               As a result of the recent storms in California, the governor declared a state of emergency in many counties affected by the storms. This declaration extended tax payment and tax return filing deadlines to May 15th, 2023, as discussed below. We are notifying you of this recent

What are the Different Types of Cash Flow?

What is Cash Flow?          When it comes to understanding cash flow there are a couple of different things you need to be aware of. Cash flow specifically refers to the amount of cash going in and out of a business. There are three distinct categories of cash flow that each refer

Rapid-Fire FAQs – Tax Laws

Throughout the year we get many inquiries on annual changes in tax laws. This post is a summary of the more frequently asked questions around tax laws in a rapid-fire format. IRS Mileage Rate First will be the IRS standard mileage rate for reimbursement. This would typically be how much a business reimburses employees if

Is Your Accounting System Giving You the Answers You Need?

In today’s Information Age, we expect granular numbers right away, However, often times many business’ accounting systems have limitations and can‘t deliver the kind of information that owners need, or the functionality has not been built in for the information to be tracked. In this post, we’ll show you why you need to make the

Get Ahead of the Pack by Improving Your Business Systems

  All businesses have systems – both formal and informal. They make the wheels of your business turn. However, informal systems can keep your business wheels from turning smoothly when it comes to day-to-day operations such as closing sales and ultimately from easily selling or passing down your business to the next generation (succession planning).

Which Key Performance Indicators Should Your Business Be Monitoring?

When you get behind the wheel of your car, you’ll see a row of gauges on the dashboard that give advance warnings of potential problems with oil pressure, engine temperature and other measurements. These gauges enable you to spot signs of potential danger at a glance and take corrective action. Likewise, business owners should monitor