Recently I heard someone say “the things that you hold on to hold on to you.”  The conversation was referring to physical items, and I can certainly identify with that. I have a box of vinyl records in the garage that I won’t part with because of the sentimental value.  My wife, on the other hand, thinks I should toss them.  The sentimental value of those records causes me to hold on to them.  The 80’s were great, but I need to let go of that.

This got me thinking about conversations I was holding on to.  We all have them, and these conversations typically go something like this:  “If we just had better sales material, we would have more sales”. Most all of these conversations are “if this than that” or, “when this then that”.  Do you see yourself holding on to these types of conversations? 

These conversations become ingrained in us and we hold on to them.  When we hold on to them, they begin to control our actions –or lack of action – in most cases.    Looking at my example from above, that conversation would prompt me to make excuses about our lack of sales, when the truth would be that our sales have done just fine up to this point with the material we currently have.  The action I would take from there would be to either quit the conversation with myself about needing sales materials, or go and get new sales materials.  I can’t allow myself to get stuck in the conversation that we can’t have any new sales until we have new marketing materials. Either quit the conversation, or get the new sales material NOW!

  You can call these conversations self -limiting beliefs, or conversations that we need to quit. Whatever narrative you have for these conversations or beliefs, starts letting them go.  Here is your challenge: today, find one of these conversations you are in and let it go….for good!  This will take practice, but when you do this, you will see remarkable changes in your life.