An evolution has been taking place at Whittaker over the last year.

If you’ve known us for a long time, you’ll have noticed things looking a little visually different on our website and communications. Maybe you’ve landed on this blog as a complete newbie to Whittaker, and you’re trying to figure out what we’re all about. 

Either way, we welcome you! We want to share a little of the behind the scenes of our recent rebrand process, and what it means for you moving forward.  

We wanted our brand to be better focused on who we serve, so we could serve them better

Our visuals have been inspired by these fundamentals:

  • We wanted the clients we support (and love to work with) to feel the brand reflects them 
  • We wanted it to speak to how we work with you to achieve your goals

We work with clients who own a business that started as a seed generations ago.

The kind of businesses we work with look like this:

  • Family-owned 
  • In manufacturing, distribution, high-tech industries
  • Low and middle market
  • 3+ years in business
  • $10-100 in revenue

Those businesses have grown from a seed into something big and they need our support to navigate the day to day decisions while considering the impact on their family’s future.

Our clients are building on a legacy, and so are we 

With our history, it made sense for us to keep the legacy of our name when we decided to rebrand. 

We’re still keeping the same family name, and we’re the same team you’re used to, with the same family values. Which is why the logo includes our name and our years of experience in the industry. 

But we’re not stuck in the past. The W in our logo is interviewed and unbreakable to symbolize infinity. A promise of constant improvement. Our name speaks to the past, but our logo creates ripples into the future. 


what our rebrand means for you - old


what our rebrand means for you

But Whittaker is about more than us. It’s about community. And we believe community builds a thriving business. 

Clients come to us tired of being treated like a number. We know you want (and need) a partner. Someone to tell you what to do, not confuse you with jargon. We meet you where you are, and translate the numbers into practical steps you can take in your business.

We place importance on continuous learning and development for the Whittaker team, so our clients get collaborative support beyond the partner level. Everyone on our team can speak to strategy, and our tax and accounting people work together. 

We’re all aligned to the same north star.

In our new logo the different colors are intertwined and meet in the middle, to represent the kind of relationships we cultivate: 

  • A partnership
  • Aligned to the same north star
  • Community building

We journey towards your goals together. 

Nothing will change about the way we do business with you, but we’re always look for ways to improve the journey

If you’re an existing client, don’t worry! There are no major management changes or changes to the processes we carry out for you. 

Alongside our rebrand, we’ve also launched a new website, which will help current and future clients utilize our services, systems and knowledge better. We’ve designed our new site with our brand’s core values in mind: 

Innovation – We leverage tech as much as we can. We have our eyes toward the future and we’re always trying new things. We help our clients learn and use the best available tools out there.

Integrity – We believe in being authentic in our relationships. Being reliable and responsible. Having open communication even when it’s hard. Doing the right thing.

Quality – What is an accounting firm without quality? Our focus is on preventing problems before they start.

Teamwork –  We are nothing without our team. We delegate to the best of people’s abilities and have mutual respect for each other and our roles. Everyone has a voice.

Lifestyle – We’re team first – people over numbers. We’re a corporate community, looking out for each other and helping each other face our fears and grow.

You can read more about who we are and how we work and check out our new look in the process. 

We hope you feel a connection with our new brand, and we welcome any thoughts you have as you see it popping up on social media, in your emails, or when you’re visiting our blog for helpful tips. 

Thanks for inspiring this change in our business – what can we help change in yours?