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What do changes in depreciation rules mean for me in 2022-2023?

depreciation rules and changes

Most taxpayers have gotten very used to taking 100% bonus depreciation. Most of the time, people have been getting used to taking 100% bonus and writing off whatever they’re spending on capEx. This has been the case since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017 – the Trump tax cuts. You may be thinking

What our rebrand means to your family owned business

An evolution has been taking place at Whittaker over the last year. If you’ve known us for a long time, you’ll have noticed things looking a little visually different on our website and communications. Maybe you’ve landed on this blog as a complete newbie to Whittaker, and you’re trying to figure out what we’re all

How can Whittaker help during an audit?

This company came to us in the middle of an IRS audit. “Everything was a disaster,” they recalled later, “and we didn’t even realize it.” Whittaker worked together with the company’s highly qualified team to put the pieces together, stabilize the accounting records, provide guidance, and work with the team on how to move forward.

What Buyers Will Look at When It’s Time to Sell Your Business

After working for many years to grow your business, you may have reached the point where you’re thinking about selling. Maybe retirement is on the horizon and you’re counting on proceeds from the sale of your company to help support you. Eyes wide open Your business is possibly the most valuable transferrable asset you will