This company came to us in the middle of an IRS audit. “Everything was a disaster,” they recalled later, “and we didn’t even realize it.”

Whittaker worked together with the company’s highly qualified team to put the pieces together, stabilize the accounting records, provide guidance, and work with the team on how to move forward.

“They didn’t just come in and solve the problem,” the company says. “They gave each qualified person on the team a platform from which to voice their concerns and get confirmation that what they wanted to do was indeed the correct action.”

One of the issues that came to light was the fact that the company wasn’t filing tax returns in all the states required, so Whittaker filed those in order to get the company up to date and compliant. In addition, their Quickbooks accounting file was corrupted, so we provided guidance and talked through solutions for what needed to be done so that the company could continue to operate.

“This all was completed over a longer period of 16-24 months. We couldn’t have done it without Whittaker.”